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1. Can I freeze the cakes?

Our product is fresh and can be frozen. However, we do not recommend
freeze them because once thawed, the texture of the cake may be affected.

2. Do the images in the online store correspond to what I will receive?


3. Where and when do you make the cakes?

We make the cakes to order in our workshop.

4. What allergens does each cake contain?

In the description of each of the cakes that appear on our website they are
including allergens.

5. Do you have gluten-free/lactose-free cakes?

Our Cheesecakes do not contain gluten but they do have lactose. However, since it is not an exclusive cuisine for celiacs, there may be traces. Those that contain gluten specify it in the description.

6. How many slices come out of each cake?

From 8 to 10 servings.

7. Do you make custom cakes?

Not for the moment.

8. Are the cakes suitable for pregnant women?

Yes because the cheeses we use come from pasteurized milk. However, we always recommend asking your doctor.

9. Do the cakes contain gluten?

Gluten is not a component of our Cheesecakes but they may have traces. Those that contain gluten specify it in the description.

10. Are the cakes suitable for diabetics?

We give the option of making our Cheesecakes with Birch sugar, which is
suitable for diabetics. Call us by phone to organize this order. 912 37 42 39


11. Are the cakes suitable for vegans?

Our Cheesecakes are not suitable for vegans because we use free-range eggs and
cheeses from animal milk.

12. How long does the cake last once I have received it?

From 3 to 4 days whenever sand keep cold.


1. Are tortillas suitable for celiacs?

Our Tortillas do not contain gluten but may have traces.

2. Are the tortillas suitable for vegans?

Our Tortillas are not suitable for vegans because we use free-range eggs.

3. Are tortillas suitable for diabetics?


4. How are tortillas heated?

Whole tortilla: Between 1:00 and 1:20 minutes at maximum power in the microwave.
Quarter of tortilla: Between 20 and 30 seconds at maximum power in the microwave

5. How are the tortillas stored once you have received them?

If you are not going to eat the Tortilla as you receive it, we recommend keeping it cold until
its consumption.

6. Can tortillas be frozen?

Our Tortillas are fresh but we do not recommend freezing them because the potato is
a product that does not give good results once thawed.



1. Do you ship?

To guarantee the highest quality of the product, we only accept orders to pick up in our store. It is a delicate product and would not arrive in good condition.

2. How much time in advance do I have to place an order?

You can ALWAYS place an order 48 hours in advance and pick it up within our business hours at the chosen time. We don't open on Sundays.


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